Jenni McGill

Jenni has been a teacher for 16 years, teaching design to ages 11-18. She went part time two years ago and started her @itssewsimple company. @Itssewsimple is a mobile Textiles and Sewing school for children, teachers and adults. She runs a variety of workshops, teaching basic to couture sewing skills and textile decorative techniques. “My aim is to give support, give you craft confidence, help you enjoy a challenge, through sharing skills and knowledge to everyone I teach” said Jenni. She has also created sewing kits that include clear detailed instructions, quality printed cottons and paper patterns. “I strongly believe that by keeping everything simple and with lots of practice, everyone can learn to sew” she added. She has her own website, an Etsy shop, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook page, where she loves sharing her work, researching everything arts and crafts and learning new skills. Follow Jenni on @itssewsimple or book a workshop with her at the Great British Sewing Bee Live. It really is sew simple!