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Butts Mill
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UK’s No. 1 supplier of Tailor Dummies. We offer a huge range of fixed size Tailor Dummies Female 6 – 22 + Male + Kids 1-12 years + other essentials.

Exhibitor’s Products

Standard Tailor Dummy
Standard Tailor Dummy in use for creative studio.
Deluxe Female Tailor Dummy
Deluxe Female Tailor Dummy in the sewing room.
Female Tailor Dummy
Creating the perfect fit on our Deluxe Tailors Dummy.
Male Tailor Dummies
Male Tailor Dummies perfect for tailoring.
Clothes Rails and Wooden Hangers
We have Heavy Duty Clothes Rails in 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft lengths, and to complement, we have Wooden Hangers for strength and style.