Sewers everywhere have countless projects that have eluded them, garments attempted and then given up on before they see the light of day. We all have that technique we just can’t master or a zip insertion we are just too afraid to attempt. Why not come to The Great British Sewing Bee Dressmaking Drop in Clinic sponsored by The Daylight Company, where one of our experts can spend time with you dealing with your issues and questions – helping you get back on track and ready to face your next sewing challenge.



You can get hands on…

Daily creative sewing & upcycling with Barley Massey (Fabrications) & Tree (Stitchless TV) 10.30 – 12.00. Be sure to book in before 10:30 as there are limited places available.

Thursday: Shirt Sleeve Skirt or ‘Shkirt’ – Transform 4 or 5 shirt sleeves into a stylish little skirt fitted to your size.

Friday: Men’s Ties Weave Clutch Bag – Weave together men’s ties to create a luxurious base cloth which you then turn into a stylish clutch bag on the machine.

Saturday: Ruffled Shirt Top – Take a man’s shirt and refashion it into an on trend ruffled/frilly top

Sunday: Japanese Tote Bag – Using pre prepared  patchworked Jean offcut fabric and jean components (pockets / waistband) make an origami style ‘hold all’ bag.




Watch a showdown…  

Alteration Challenge 12.15-13.15

Thursday: Barley & Tree stitch it out with Gabby Young (Gabberdashery) & Megan Valero (Pigeon Wishes)

Friday: Barley & Tree stitch it out with  Chinelo Bally & Tamara Melvin (Green Thimble)

Saturday: Barley & Tree stitch it out with Emily Tan (Self Assembly) & Laura Casey (Sew Different) & Rosie Martin (DIY Couture)

Sunday: Barley & Tree stitch it out with you??




Learn something… 

Daylight Workshop, 14.00 – 15.00

Want to find out how Daylight improves your sewing skills? Daylight are running a workshop on the importance of working under the right light, every day at 2pm, at the Drop-in Clinic. This is also your chance to feedback and tell them what you think a light should do, be, and look like!


Also featuring…

  • Anna Bruce (MadeIt Patterns)
  • Jaime Greenly (Offset Warehouse)
  • Rosie Martin (DIY Couture)
  • Sheila May Green (Stitch Clever)
  • Sukhbeer Dryden (Sew N Beads)